Sports Massage is suitable for anyone that feels that they can benefit from a reduction in muscle tension, for a variety of reasons:

• Gym users and/or serious sportsmen/women.
• Corporate workers who suffer from stress and/or muscular tension.
• Marathon runners, triathletes and cyclists.
• Anyone who wants to be pampered!


Sports Massage is exceedingly useful if you are a regular gym user or keep up your training regularly for a particular sport. A regular massage will help identify and subsequently to resolve problem areas within the soft tissues that crop up from time to time when in regular training. Rather than leave these areas to get worse and possibly lead to imbalance problems or possibly in sustaining an over-use injury. By giving these and related areas immediate attention, many future ‘issues’ can be alleviated.

If it’s already too late for that and you have already been diagnosed with a soft tissue problem then my massage skills can help very much in the speedy rehabilitation of any damaged areas. I am used to liasing with amongst others, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and podiatrists and am more than capable of following any instructions given to gain optimal speedy rehabilitation.


I have developed a collection of Sports Massage techniques that I feel targets the main areas of tension and stress built up from spending many hours in a stressful work environment – I call this my ‘Stress Buster’ massage! It works primarily on the back, neck and shoulders area, getting into areas such as under the shoulder blades and also working around the muscle attachment points in the neck at the base of the skull. It may well include some assisted stretching techniques within the massage to lengthen shortened muscle fibres and improve circulation and posture. Advice may well also be given on stretching and work station set-up for future prevention. A typical ‘Stress Buster’ massage can be either half or one hour in duration typically.


Legs feeling a little tired and heavy from training lately?
Need some essential training and nutrition advice?

Training for endurance events and marathons in particular can be particularly stressful on the body due to the enormous impact it suffers (around 5x bodyweight every stride!) from constantly hitting the road. A regular massage (at least once every 2 weeks) in your build up to a big race can lead to reduced muscle hardness, improved recovery from training sessions, increased flexibility, less chance of sustaining an over-use injury and ultimately should improve your race time! Having over 2 decades of experience in training for cycle races, triathlons and distance running events at an elite level has provided me with a wealth of knowledge for both training and pacing advice and hard nutrition facts to help make the most of your big event. Novice marathon runners in particular will learn some invaluable lessons for race day to prevent hitting the dreaded ‘wall’.


As well as for injury rehabilitation, muscular tension/stress relief and aiding sporting recovery times from training sessions, you can also use my massage as a great relaxation tool and pampering session. The pressure used doesn’t always have to be firm! A top to toe full body massage of maybe 1.5 or 2 hours can be bliss. Of course a full body massage can also be done within a one hour session but with the longer time available it allows extra techniques to be introduced and the hands and feet also get time to be worked on also. You don’t necessarily have to be sporty or stressed out to enjoy the benefits of a great full body sports massage…. as always the pressure of strokes used within the treatment will be controlled by what you are most comfortable with be it fairly light or very firm?

What Do I Wear?

Generally clients usually strip to underwear during a treatment or wear loose fitting clothing (e.g. shorts and t-shirt) that allow me to get to the entire area of the body that needs to be worked on during the massage. All other areas of the body that are not being worked on at any one time with be draped with towels appropriately for comfort and warmth.

Some clients prefer to be completely naked during the massage and that also is fine. Again at any given time, only the area of the body that is being worked on will be exposed, the rest of the body will be covered up with towels.

Tight fitting clothing such as lycra knee length shorts are not particularly suitable choices of clothing as they often restrict the circulation of the blood.

When clients are getting changed, I will leave the room for a couple of minutes so that you can get ready in privacy.

Many clients arrive straight from work and so they have the option of either changing directly in the massage room in privacy or using the changing rooms at either venue.